Oiling Instructions for Fellowes® Shredders

Why and How Often: Regular oiling of cross-cut and micro-cut
shredders is a necessary maintenance step to help keep your shredder
functioning properly and prolong its life. Several factors determine how often you
should oil your shredder—such as the type of paper being shred, the amount of
paper being shred, and whether you shred only occasionally or continuously for
long periods of time without stopping.
  • As a general rule, it is a good practice to oil your shredder each time
    you empty the wastebasket, or once a month.
  • Micro-cut shredders need to be oiled more frequently—ideally after
    every 15 minutes of use.

How To: Press and hold down the reverse button on your shredder. Put the
tip of the oil bottle in the paper entry and make one or two sweeps across the
cutters while gently squeezing the oil bottle. Continue to run the shredder in
reverse for another 10-15 seconds.

What to use: It is recommended that you use Fellowes® Oil to oil your
shredder. You may also use other oil designated for shredder use.

Do not use any oil or lubricant that is dispensed from an aerosol container.

Do not use any petroleum-based oils or lubricants. Use of such oils or
lubricants will void the warranty on your shredder and could cause serious
injury, as they are fire hazards when used with electronic devices.
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